Working in conjunction with Rutland County Council, practices in Rutland are offering patients the opportunity to be part of an innovative approach to managing their long term conditions using the Digital Health App ‘VitruCare’.

VitruCare can be used as an additional support tool for patients living with long term conditions such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes, heart disease or chronic lung diseases. Patients can set their own health and wellbeing goals, for example documenting exercise levels, monitoring blood glucose results, recording their mental wellbeing or logging blood pressure readings.

By using VitruCare patients will see improvements in their health and wellbeing as they integrate the use of digital health in to their everyday routines. Additionally healthcare professionals can view the data patients have inputted on VitruCare to support both the clinical and holistic approaches of an individual’s care plan.

Managing your health together with your healthcare team, with VitruCare. from Dynamic Health Systems on Vimeo.

What is Vitrucare?

VitruCare is an online service for you and your care team. It puts you in control of your health in a new and exciting way. It is useful at any stage of your life when you need:

  • To manage your long term conditions
  • To do your part to prevent the onset of long term conditions
  • To prepare for surgery and recover
  • To help during chemotherapy and ‘live beyond cancer’
  • To coordinate care for frailty and complex conditions
  • To go through rehabilitation after injury

Why should you be interested in VitruCare?

VitruCare is of interest to people who have one, or more than one health issue. An example might be someone who has diabetes, raised blood pressure or some kidney trouble. Or a person who deals with multiple conditions at the same time. This is becoming very common and is recognised as being one of the biggest challenges facing the NHS right now. Or a person who would like to stay in charge of making choices and stay informed about the care being provided by several organisations at the same time. Or people caring for others. There are many uses.