Getting involved with us

We are introducing a host of new and highly innovative digital tools, techniques and channels – in a fully integrated web, mobile and social media capability. These will transform the ways in which we are able to reach out to people and communities, keep them informed about what we are doing, and bring them together with each other and us.

These include our Twitter account and Facebook page

We also have created an Online Listening Form where people can ask us a question, give us feedback or tell us about their experience of care.

Using these new tools, techniques and channels, anyone and everyone is able to:

  • Benefit from a modern and engaging web presence we have created
  • Register online to be part of a Rutland Health membership scheme – myRutlandHealth
  • Opt to receive updates, notifications and breaking news about the topics and issues of most interest and relevance to them; and
  • Participate in online discussions.