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The virus was passed on in Italy and Tenerife and brings the total number of UK cases to 15. [...]

What will the government do if there is a UK coronavirus outbreak and how prepared is the NHS? [...]

BBC analysis shows a surge in hospital delays as experts warn 'little in tank' to cope wit [...]

It comes as several schools close and some office workers are sent home due to virus fears. [...]

Cases emerge in several countries involving travellers from Italy, but borders remain open. [...]

Issued at 11.24am on Wednesday 26 February 2020 There is a 70% probability of severe cold weather/ic [...]

Around two million people in England are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, the highest on recor [...]

Earlier today it was publicly confirmed that four patients transferred from the Diamond Princess cru [...]

Professor Keith Willett NHS strategic incident director, said:  “The guests from Kents Hill Park Hot [...]

The NHS has started pilots of home testing for coronavirus where NHS staff, including nurses and par [...]

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty statement on 2 new cases of COVID-19 passed on in Italy [...]

These directions set out the legal framework under which General Practitioners (GP) operate and are [...]

Information for the public on the outbreak of coronavirus in China, including the current situation [...]

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock updated Parliament on the government [...]

A summary of the strategy's progress and actions for the government and partner organisations f [...]

I was driving with the radio on yesterday, when an item on the news surprised me enough that I can r [...]

Health and social care secretary Matt Hancock has said the government has a plan ready to launch in [...]

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust is to be taken out of special measure after inspectors found it had m [...]

Corridor care in hospital has become the new norm, according to the Royal College of Nursing after a [...]

'I liked how the start of each chapter included a personal entry from newly qualified nurses on [...]

Universities are struggling to cope with soaring demand for mental health services. Can technology p [...]

Government planning public information campaign amid concerns of an Italy-sized outbreakCoronavirus [...]

As UK Foreign Office advice on travel to parts of northern Italy changes, what is the situation with [...]

Reactions from readers to the alarming findings of Sir Michael Marmot’s report into the effects of h [...]

Readers respond to allegations about the management culture within the Alzheimer’s SocietyI work for [...]

We welcome the call from Whitty and colleagues for a coordinated, cross sectoral response to the cha [...]

NHS facilitiesMental health trusts lack funding for urgent building repairsTwo thirds of mental heal [...]

Medical admissions are caused by a domino effect of environmental, social, mental, and physical fact [...]

A US federal appeal court has upheld a Trump administration rule that forbids doctors who provide fe [...]

bmj;368/feb26_1/m742/FAF1faClaire Jeantet/Fabrice CatériniAdamu, 14, is pictured during his initial [...]

GPonline is launching a new podcast called Talking General Practice - listen to our pilot episode, w [...]

GPs should prescribe hydrogen peroxide 1% cream rather than topical antibiotics for patients with no [...]

A network of 100 primary care sites across England will carry out opportunistic testing for coronavi [...]

Red tape is blocking NHS efforts to recruit overseas doctors, the GMC has warned, after just 10 GPs [...]

Coronavirus guidance has been updated to reflect concerns about patients travelling from areas with [...]

The United States and South Korea postponed joint military drills on Thursday to limit the spread of [...]

A city in China's Hubei province, the epicenter of the global coronavirus epidemic, will pay re [...]

There is every sign the world is about to be gripped by a pandemic of coronavirus, Prime Minister Sc [...]

Mainland China reported 433 new cases of coronavirus infections on Feb. 26, the National Health Comm [...]

The number of new coronavirus infections inside China - the source of the outbreak - was for the fir [...]