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Gait speed in mid-life indicates how fast the brain and body are ageing, researchers found. [...]

Mila is having far fewer - and briefer - seizures after a drug was designed just for her. [...]

People should know the signs that breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body, a charity say [...]

Thousands of patients wait more than four hours, as doctors warn of a difficult winter ahead. [...]

England's top doctor also wants to see extra taxes placed on unhealthy foods to tackle child ob [...]

The NHS will slash the use of plastic in hospital canteens as part of its drive to reduce waste and [...]

NHS chief Simon Stevens has today (Thursday October 10th) announced that a new taskforce will be set [...]

The NHS in England is to roll out dedicated support for members of staff who raise the alarm on unsa [...]

Children and young adults who are seriously addicted to computer games will now be able to get help [...]

A pharmacist who came to the aid of hundreds of people during the Whaley Bridge crisis, in which a d [...]

Comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP) and good distribution practice (GDP), and prepare for [...]

Guidance for businesses supplying medicines and medical devices about plans for a no-deal Brexit. [...]

Data on the permanent secretary's and chief medical officer's meetings with external organ [...]

Data on senior officials’ business expenses and hospitality, and the permanent secretary's meet [...]

Data on gifts that ministers gave and received, their external meetings and any overseas travel. [...]

Second year, mental health nursing, Canterbury Christ Church University The post Lucy Gladden appear [...]

Third year, child nursing, University of Leeds The post Yasmin Khanagha appeared first on Nursing Ti [...]

Third year, adult nursing, University of Essex The post Cheyne Truman appeared first on Nursing Time [...]

Second year, learning disability nursing, Keele University The post Shaun Williams appeared first on [...]

Third year, midwifery, De Montfort University Leicester The post Lucy Buddingwood appeared first on [...]

BBC decision to transfer cost of licence fee will hit vulnerable older people hard, says LabourMore [...]

It is common to feel your spirits fall as the nights draw in. Even if this turns into full-blown sea [...]

Wide social networks can help to shield people from mental disorder. A leading psychologist argues t [...]

Star’s complaint to Vue has provoked an outpouring of disgruntled filmgoersJoker, the sinister hit s [...]

Neurological insights into how the brain processes stress, and how it can develop into depression, h [...]

An experienced consultant child psychiatrist plans to leave the NHS and move to Australia unless the [...]

Making it mandatory for children to be vaccinated could result in “irreparable damage” by turning th [...]

Most fatal opioid overdoses are caused by illicitly made fentanyl and heroin, rather than prescripti [...]

Gishen’s thoughts on mental wellbeing among medical students are refreshing.1 An area that has a hug [...]

In many ways, the stresses of being a medical student are the same as those of a doctor. But there i [...]

A new pilot scheme encouraging people with diabetes to self-manage their condition using an interact [...]

The average daily rates received by locums have risen in most parts of the country over the past 12 [...]

GPs could help to speed up diagnosis of patients with colorectal cancer and other serious bowel dise [...]

The government's independent review of the partnership model should ensure there is increased f [...]

Dame Clare Marx has been named as the new chair of the GMC - the first woman in history to hold the [...]

China reported another outbreak of the African swine fever on Sunday in its northwestern province of [...]

Health authorities in Democratic Republic of Congo will introduce a Johnson & Johnson Ebola vacc [...]

Retired subway and bus driver Stanley De Freitas had just celebrated his 70th birthday when he start [...]

British American Tobacco Plc unit Reynolds American Inc said on Friday it had filed for a review of [...]

A divided federal appeals court on Friday said Ohio cannot enforce a 2017 law banning abortions when [...]