Find local health and care services

The NHS Long Term Plan makes clear the importance of service users being able to access services from across the health and care system – including public health and other services run by local government, charities or the voluntary sector..

But it’s sometimes difficult for people to know where to go to find the complete range of services available from all of these partners.

The Rutland Health and Care portal is designed to address this challenge by bringing together on this page live updated details from the NHS and from the Rutland County Council Information Service.

Enter your postcode in the box on the left to see details of local NHS services, including:

  • GP Practices;
  • Hospitals;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Dentists;
  • Care Providers;
  • Care Organisations;
  • Opticians; and
  • Clinics.

And search the box on the right to see details of services contained in the Rutland Information Service – which includes council services, charities and the voluntary sector.