Rutland Early Help Services

Provided by Rutland County Council

About Us

Early Help is a process that practitioners (school teachers, school nurses, youth workers, etc.) use to get to know you and your family and decide how best they can help you and your family to reach your full potential. The Early Help process is consent based, which means that the practitioners will need your permission to start the process.

Professionals work in partnership to deliver advice, help and support. All interventions are based on an assessment of need for each young person. Children & Young People who do not meet the criteria for the service will be referred to an appropriate service across the pathway.

Who can we support?

We support children, young people and families across Rutland

Referral for an Early Help Assessment (EHA)

The Early Help Assessment (EHA) aims to provide a standardised process for a holistic assessment of children’s and young people‚Äôs strengths and needs; taking account of the roles of parents/carers and environmental factors on their development. Referrals will be accepted from professionals (e.g. GP, school nurse, social worker) and practitioners (e.g. teachers, counsellors) working directly with a child, young person or their family. Assessment Information is available on our website

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